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Cutting-Costs-When-Selling-Your-Home-Coeur-d'aleneWe all know that in order to make money, we have to spend money. The same is true when selling your home. However, with some savvy tricks and creativity, homeowners can reduce those costs and boost their bottom line. gives some great insight into how to achieve your selling cost goals. First of all, prepare your home for the market without breaking the bank.

Instead of remodeling, splash a fresh coat of paint on the walls and add inviting scents especially to the entryway of your home. Remove all clutter and attempt to make your home a ‘blank slate’ for others to view their family in your living spaces.
Next, limit spending while your home is up for sale. Being able to vacate the premises whenever a real estate agent wants to show your home can become a tiring and spendy process, unless you are prepared! Have a backup plan in case an unexpected showing comes up, and attempt to limit your activities to cheap entertainment to reduce unnecessary spending. Pack a lunch, or a dinner for that matter if you have to leave during a meal or think the showing may last longer than expected.
Last, but certainly most importantly, limit your closing costs! If you are working with a seasoned real estate agent like Mike DeLong, he will be able to get the best possible closing costs from his preferred title company. With that being said, negotiating these costs is something he has been doing for over a decade, and has great relationships with quality title companies as well as mortgage lenders in the area.
For many more Tips & Tricks contact Mike anytime!

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