Home-Features-that-sell-coeur-d'alene“A fresh coat of paint and new floor coverings create the largest positive impact at the least overall investment.”

Location is the most important factor in a homebuyer’s laundry list of desirable items. Dalton is a great location so let’s focus on other features that are important to today’s buyers.
In the past, large carpeted areas were the standard, however today’s buyers consider a significant amount of hard surface floor coverings (wood, tile, etc…) to be far preferable.

A kitchen with ample informal gathering space, stainless steel appliances, an island and granite counter tops are highly desirable amenities.
Master bedrooms with a dual vanity bathroom and walk- in closets generally command a premium price.

Buyers will also be attracted to fresh paint, a well organized and non-cluttered home alongside properly maintained landscaping and grounds.
But, some things just never change, and the location of the home will always be a huge factor to buyers everywhere. Proximity to school districts, size of lot and convenience are important to almost all buyers, which of course, all start with location, location, location!

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