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It sounds crazy, but selling your home in the dead of winter can actually be a great tactic to use. Typically the inventory in the winter drops to approximately 22% less than the standard number of listings throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall months. Less inventory means there is less competition which is a huge advantage for the seller. When there is more inventory buyers are pickier and tend to take more time to put an offer in, but when the inventory is low the buyer tends to have an easier decision. It also means their offer will most likely be closer to list price because there isn’t another property similar to it that they can fall back on.

Another advantage to listing in the winter months is that the buyers are serious about your home. There aren’t ‘looky-loos’ walking around when it’s blowing snow and 30 degrees out! Most likely buyers in the winter have a motivation to be searching at that time of year weather it be a job relocation or their home just sold. Winter buyers are serious buyers!

The more warm and inviting the home appears the better! Buyers will look forward to coming in out of the cold snow and rain into a cozy move in ready home. Having seasonal candles, the right lighting, and a warm fireplace can make all the difference.

The stigma associated with selling in the Winter is actually just that, a stigma! So, if you’re considering selling your home but think it’s best to wait until the snow melts and the sun comes out to shine, think again! Besides, a For Sale sign looks best with a little white powder on top anyways!